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Winter-Spring Newsletter 2018

Winter-Spring Newsletter 2018 Greetings once again for this end of Winter newsletter from us all at Anchorage Wines!
Despite the winter hibernation, things are starting to heat up at the Vineyard, with the vine stripper doing the trick and the vines looking ship shape.
We’re just finishing up at the Motueka Bridge vineyard, and we are preparing for a nice warm Summer. With el nino expected to bring warmer, drier weather this coming Spring- Summer, it bodes well for the grape growing season, so we look forward with anticipation to the upcoming vintage.
There’s a new Sales Rep in town! We welcome Alanna Wadsworth to the crew and she is on fire in Wellington, distributing to many new retail outlets, just check out some of the great places in our pictures!
Our other new South Island Rep is Lance Eccles. Welcome Lance. Look out for our wine and displays in the Otago region.
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Autumn Newsletter 2018

Autumn Newsletter 2018 Vintage Begins
Happy Autumn and all that the season brings to you! As we rush head on into harvest we take time to appreciate all the grapes that give us their sweet juice!
We welcome our Kiwi and Overseas Vintage workers; Alessio, Gretchen and Lisa to Anchorage Wines for the harvest season.
The start to 2018 has been an interesting one for the winery, with Cyclone Gita causing some staff to suffer housing and land damage, and others unable to get into work as a result. Fortunately, the worst of the clean up is over and the winery sustained only minimal damage.
We now look forward to a drier winter with new wine production and continuing our steady sales.
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October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter As we enter the second month of Spring, we contemplate the fact that for anything to happen around these parts growth-wise, we might not only need Rain, but a little bit of sunshine too perhaps? As we enter what feels like the 5th week of rain (or perpetual downfall), we are all getting slight cabin fever. We at the winery have been bottling madly in preparation for the festive season. Bottling continues and the orders come in and go out in precision- like fashion.
We’ve had a few rave reviews for our 2017 Anchorage Gewurztraminer, from Peter Saunders, who awarded it a well -deserved 5 stars. The perfect accompaniment to Christmas celebrations and Christmas work do’s!
Peter says; "Subtle yet positive Gewurz spiciness showing well after half a year and with plenty in the tank for another year or two. Quite a concentrated wine opening up, balanced and complete, helped only by some extra months age. Gold medal standard. Anchorage Nelson Gewurztraminer 2017: 5 stars”
We’ve finished bottling our cute 375mL bottles, perfect for the festive season and wonderful if you feel like experimenting with a few different varieties, before settling on your favourite. Currently we have the 2017 Anchorage Sauvignon Blanc and 2017 Pinot Noir in the 375 mL sizes, as well as the Torrent Bay and Awaroa Bays brands in the 375 mL with varieties of 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, and 2016 Pinot Gris and 2017 Pinot Noir.

2017 Anchorage Gewurztraminer

The delicate aromas of rose petals, jasmine and orange blossom allow a gentle Turkish delight and lychee finish, to present a drop perfect for Asian food dishes with its’ resounding floral and spicy flavours.

The Winery staff are all keeping busy with the continuing orders and bottling, and look forward to the imminent Sun which this region boasts, but which is still being evasive.
We’re sure it’ll arrive back with Andrew after his brief sojourn in America for his sons’ wedding. Until next month, stay dry- but not with thirst! Drink Wine, be Happy! 😊

September Newsletter 2017

September Newsletter 2017 Finally, after months of a half attempt at Winter, we’ve come upon Spring. Although some might say nothing seems to have changed from the continually wet, drizzly days we perpetually have. Nevertheless, it’s time for Septembers Newsletter!
As September ensconces us, we dream of the warmer, sunnier climate that denotes our lush Tasman region. We’ve noticed some of the locals coming out of hibernation: there are cyclists and campervans competing for room on the roads again, and the ever-growing traffic problems have started earlier this year!
Our Chief Winemaker Stefan, has already embarked on a few 20K Waka Ama missions with the Motueka Waka Ama Club, run by Todd Jago. They are in training for the local regatta held in Kaiteriteri in Mid- November.
Allan is back from his West Coast trip and well into the swing of things on his boat….and with his sales.
With the cold weather, we were all hit with the worst Flu of the century, every staff member (except Stefan) going down with it. Must be the extra- curricular activities keeping him strong, not to mention the health gains from a good drop of Anchorage wines!
Andrew just scraped up the last of the germs to come down heavily with it also, but he’s ok, and will be off to the States for his son’s Bollywood wedding shortly. We wish you the best of luck on your travels and hope that you don’t get stuck there….
But we’re all still alive and ready to encroach on a massive season of Domestic and International exports!

In the Vineyard:
Although the weather was a pain for pruning, it’s just about all done. Gavin is dreaming of going off on 3 months leave, but the growing season is about to begin with bud burst spraying next on the cards. Following this, November brings wire lifting to train the vines, followed by Christmas flowering.

In the Winery:
Stefan has highlighted the importance for filling the warehouse for our busy Summer season, and says September we will be busy bottling. He’s fresh off the back of a wee bit of interview magic, which you can all view on our Anchorage Wines Facebook page: check it out if you haven’t already! Stefan also attended the 2017 Bragato Conference at the end of August which had the theme of “Market to Vine” this year. Lectures were both informative and interesting, with subjects such as; ‘International sales of wine varieties’, ‘The evolving style of wine’, ‘What’s trending internationally and domestically’, as well as considering ‘How the industry is market driven, and what this means for future/present wine industry’.

On the Road with Allan:
Allan writes: “Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to all those on the West Coast, from Murchison to Reefton, to Hokitika, back to Greymouth, thence Westport and finally to Karamea, and places in between, the welcome was always the same, and it was a pleasure to just walk in and be given such a cordial greeting. Thank you.
I only spent three days (I must say very wet days), promoting Anchorage Wines on the Coast, but enjoyed every one of them. I had never been to Karamea before, and even the rain couldn’t dampen (pun) my interest in the area, and again, I was received in a most generous way. I was particularly impressed with the Hot-house complex there; I reckon more of this type of enterprise could support the economy some-what, and employ a good number of people.
The scenery on the Coast never ceases to amaze, and I made many a stop driving up the rugged coast, and through the Gorge to feast on the natural beauty.
I am looking forward to my next visit in a few weeks, and am hoping that I can, in some way return a little of your hospitality.”

Keep an eye out for:
Our new PET bottles are almost on the go! Our Awaroa Bays Sauvignon Blanc is all bottled and almost on the consumer line…
These bottles are perfect for the intrepid adventurer or camping enthusiast! Environmentally friendly, lightweight, robust and shatterproof. No taste traces from the bottle, no phthalate leaching, and 100% Recyclable! Keep an eye out for them when planning your next tramping or kayaking journey.

That’s it….
Well, have a safe September and enjoy the sunshine moments. Until next month when we will have more news from Anchorage Wines.

August News 2017

August News 2017 Here at the Winery, August was heralded by an Antarctic- like scene, with a heavy frost covering the ground, hanging in beautiful crystal formations from the trees; grape canes in the vineyard, ever changing as the first of the suns’ rays reflect off the crystals as they were agitated by a chilly breeze sneaking down from the valley- truly magical.
Well, after that piece of literal wonderment, I guess I should get down to the business of writing this newsletter before I run out of prose, so here goes:
During the latter part of last month (July), saw the bottling of the new vintage Sauvignon Blanc, and the last of the 2016 vintage. Bottling of these vintage Reds will not be until the end of the year. The Reds are of a particularly high quality this year, and we are patiently waiting for the day they are bottled and capped, and ready to fill your orders!
This phase in the wine making process is extremely stressful for Chief Winemaker Stefan, and Anchorage owes a lot to his expertise. Right now, with full tanks and barrels of this vintage wines, he’s working all hours to maintain the high standard of wines you all expect from the Anchorage Family Estate labels. This year we were lucky in the harvesting- the grapes produced a wonderfully high standard of juices, which certainly makes Stefan’s task a little easier. Thank you to Stefan, and the whole team of tirelessly working staff during and beyond vintage.
The recent growth of Anchorage Wines has enabled us to expand the fulltime winemaking team by bringing on board an assistant winemaker; Cecile Neubauer. She’s a great asset to the team, holding on to a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Viticulture and Oenology, as well as a multitude of Vintages behind her.
On a lighter note, we have had Allan’s car sign written, what a picture it is too, he’ll have to watch his driving and where he goes from now on, as everyone will notice the Anchorage car. No escaping hence forth Allan.
Viticulture; Gavin and his team are well in command of the pruning, though the boys are lagging a wee bit in replacing all those posts they claim they didn’t knock over, still early days yet, these things don’t happen overnight, but will get done in good time.
Towards the middle of the month Allan will begin another circuit, and I guess you will all be starting to think about stock for the coming Summer season. Have a chat with Allan, he’ll bring you up-to-date with things happening at the Winery.
August, we are offering an early post winter special, buy 5 cases of any label, or mixed labels, and you will receive a free case of Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Gris.
From the many enquiries we are getting currently, this Summer looks like we’re going to be extremely busy, we are looking forward to this of course, though a wee bit anxious for Andrew, whose task it is to make sure orders are dispatched promptly, he’ll have to have the throttle wide open.
I hope everything is going according to your plans, we are all anticipating a pretty boisterous Summer, and are gearing up to get orders away directly when they are received.

Spring and Summer winery update 2016

Spring and Summer winery update 2016 Even though the busy picking time is over for another year, there is no time to hibernate, despite the cold end of winter. With a new growing season on the rise so is the expectation to judge the results of the 2015 vintage.
Whilst we started to get the 2015 wines presentable for the eye and palate of the public scrutiny there was still plenty of 2014 to be bottled and sent to customers.
Despite the compromises during harvest due to the weather, low yields made up for flavour and complexity and the 2015 wines that finally started to see a bottle, shaped up very nicely.
Some of our wines have seen a bit of a reinvention or are completely new additions to the range.
The Gewürztraminer is a little dryer making it even more food friendly, our Savvy has a bit more residual sugar to lift the lovely tropical flavours.
New additions to the family are a Montepulciano Rosé which seems to attract quite a following. Then we also made a Syrah to have a little more choice in the red wine department with a Dolcetto also maturing and ready for bottling in March.
The vineyards are looking lush with their first trim and the sheep are keeping the rows clean and the bunch zone tidy. The guys are doing the best to keep the fruit clean and it won’t be long until we simply have to wait and pick a date to start with vintage 2016.

The Season So Far…15th Jan 2015

The Season So Far…15th Jan 2015
The Season So Far…

The growing season came out of the starting blocks a little slow and some vineyard sites got knocked back even further with late frosts hampering the spring growth.
In hindsight this was a good thing as the hail events we experienced did not have an effect on the majority of the grapes due to their early growth stage. However, all the bad weather events were quite localised and do have the potential to distort the flow at harvest time.
In general our vineyards seem to have had a reasonable start with good fruit set and flowering conditions.
Fast forwarding into the New Year and things have certainly caught up. Flowering has finished and the vines have made the most of the warm sunny weather. As a matter of fact things are growing so fast that even the winemaker finds himself lifting wires to keep the growth tidy and manageable.
In the winery we have a few bottling’s to organise and attention is slowly but surely shifting towards preparing for a new harvest. The crew for vintage is set and in a month we will start with crop estimates and analysis.

San Francisco International Wine Competition 2014

San Francisco International Wine Competition 2014 Anchorage Wines is pleased to announce our results from the San Francisco International Wine Awards 2014.

Gold - Anchorage Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013
Silver - Anchorage Family Estate Pinot Gris 2013

Vintage Crew 2014

Vintage Crew 2014 Tony, Edouard and Constantin flat out sorting fermenters for our Pinot Noir.

Vintage 2014

Vintage 2014 Vintage team enjoying a beer after a long day......

Tasting Room Grand Opening

Tasting Room Grand Opening December 2013 saw the grand opening of our new tasting room at our winery in Umukuri Road, Brooklyn. Celeb Chef "Derek the Chef" joined us with cooking some delicious items on the BBQ......

Vintage 2013 Crew

Vintage 2013 Crew from left. Stefan, Tony, Johannes and Jennifer

China National Food Expo 2012 - Ningbo City - November 2012

China National Food Expo 2012 - Ningbo City - November 2012 Our Chinese distributor Ningbo Yunding Bay Wines requested we attend this years Food Expo in Ningbo held from the 15th to 18th November. Our Anchorage Classic Riesling and Pinot Noir have been well received in China, having sold out at the Expo! The first of 100 outlet showrooms are opening soon, the first being in Ningbo, and from there our wines will be available throughout China in the coming months as each of these new tasting showrooms open.....exciting times for 2013.

Anchorage 2012 White Releases by Raymond Chan

Anchorage 2012 White Releases by Raymond Chan The last three vintages, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been very favourable in the Nelson district, and this is apparent in the latest releases from Anchorage Wines. Much of the production is sent overseas, using the ‘Awaroa', ‘Torrent Bay' and ‘Southern Lighthouse' brands where the demand, especially in the U.K. is strong. These wines will only do good in maintaining the quality and respect for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, the variety and style that has suffered by treatment as a budget commodity. Here are three 2012 whites and a 2011 Chardonnay from Chris Drummond's Motueka operation.

Anchorage Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2012 4 stars
Brilliant, very pale straw colour with slight green hues. This has a softly full, voluminous nose of ripe passionfruit aromas and lifted esters with some gooseberry undertones. Dry to taste, softly rich, smoothly presented flavours of passionfruit and limes are lifted by youthful fermentation esters. The flavours are a little reserved at present. The palate has a gentle liveliness with fine acidity contributing to a seamless flowing mouthfeel. Subtle herb, gooseberry and capsicum nuances show on an even, moderately sustained finish. This is a ripe, softly presented, smooth Sauvignon Blanc that is youthfully lifted. Match with Asian cuisine over the next 2-3 years. 12.2% alc. and 4.6 g/L rs. 17.5/20 Jul 2012 RRP $17.50

Anchorage Nelson Pinot Gris 2012 4 stars
Bright, very pale straw colour with some lemon-green hues. Fresh aromas of mineral-infused pears and stonefruits are evenly expressed with liveliness and some depth. Off-dry to taste, light flavours of pears and white stonefruits are supported by good underlying acidity. This is gentle and soft, resulting in an attractively harmonious mouthfeel. The wine is restrained, and quite elegantly proportioned, but possesses a building richness, and finishes with subtle pear-like flavours. This gentle and harmonious Pinot Gris has a subtle richness. Match with seafood and poultry over the next 3-4 years. 12.3% alc. and 11 g/L rs. 17.0-/20 Jul 2012 RRP $17.50

Anchorage Nelson Chardonnay 2011 3 stars
Bright, even, pale straw-yellow colour. The bouquet is full with powerful butter MLF aromas over citrus and stonefruits, the nose intense and deep. Medium-full bodied, rich flavours of butterscotch MLF feature with citrus flavours and notes of stonefruits underlying. Some alcohol generosity and warmth adds to the rich flavours, and low acidity results in a soft, mellow mouthfeel. The flavours are up-front and bold and show with richness o the sustained finish. The butterscotch malolactic fermentation aromas and flavours show with richness in the soft, mouthfilling Chardonnay. Serve with seafood, poultry and pork over the next 3-4 years. 13.5% alc. and dry at 1.7 g/L rs. 16.5+/20 Jul 2012 RRP $17.50

Torrent Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2012 4 stars
Bright, very pale straw, near colourless. This has a very fresh, exuberant bouquet of pungent passionfruit and gooseberry aromas along with grassy, herb notes, quite penetrating and intense, with some esters lift. Dry to taste, upfront passionfruit and gooseberry flavours make a strong impact and are enlivened by crisp, racy acidity. This has depth and energetic drive, the palate showing some fine textural grip along the line carrying through to the finish. Gooseberry and capsicum flavours linger. This is an up-front and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc with a fine textured line. Serve with seafoods, vegetables and salads over the next 2-3 years. 12.3% alc. and 5.7 g/L rs. 17.5-/20 Jul 2012 RRP $15.50

Paella with Celebrity Chef - Derek the Chef

Paella with Celebrity Chef - Derek the Chef Paella
Paella is a typical Spanish dish and is traditionally cooked in a "paellera" - a round flat pan with two handles - which is then put on the table. It is normally made using shellfish but can also be made with chicken. In many Spanish villages, especially in coastal areas, they use a giant paellera to cook a paella on festival days which is big enough to feed everybody.
A paella is very flexible so if you don’t have the exact ingredients or if you find some of them hard to get hold of, substitute them for something similar. Getting fresh shellfish can be a problem, but you can always use frozen fish and use fish or chicken stock instead of water to increase the flavour.
There are literally hundreds of ways to cook a paella and every cook has their own favourite recipe. Here’s mine (it will serve 6 people depending on how hungry you are), and is loosely based on a Filipino recipe style that my wife enjoys.

Ingredients :
1x brown onion, finely chopped
1x cup green peas
1x red capsicum
1x can chopped tomato
200g prawns (if using cooked prawns substitute fish stock for the water)
300g cockles in shell
24x mussels (5 or 7 left in shell for presentation)
1x Spanish chorizo sliced thinly
500g rice (traditionally short grain rice is used but I prefer to use medium grain)
2 cloves of garlic, coarsely chopped
a pinch of saffron strands (if you can’t get saffron, use yellow food colouring instead and add it once you have added the liquid)
a sprig of parsley, finely chopped
olive oil
1-2 ltr chicken / fish stock
1x cup white wine

Mussels: Wash the mussels, removing the beards. Throw away any that don’t shut on contact with water. Steam open reserving 5 or so for presentation
Cockles : Wash in water and then put in a bowl with some salt so that the grit comes out. Throw away any that are open.
Prawns : Whether you peel them or not is up to you. If you decide to peel them, save the shells and boil in water for about t ten minutes. Save the liquid and add later instead of water.
Garlic: In a pestle and mortar, grind the garlic, saffron (if using), parsley and a pinch of salt.

Here’s how
Heat some olive oil in a large frying pan. Add the onion, garlic & red capsicum and fry gently for about five minutes or until onion is soft.
Add the chopped tomato and fry on a low heat for another ten minutes. Pour in the white wine and reduce right down until very little liquid is left.
Mean while bring the stock to the boil and add in saffron threads, return to a low simmer season with salt.
Add the rice and stir well to make sure that it is thoroughly coated then slowly pour in a little at a time the stock.
Turn the heat right down and cook very slowly. Stirring occasionally.
Add the pre cooked prawns, mussel meat, chorizo sausage and cockles along with the peas and give it a stir.
Checking that it has enough stock and add more as required.
Once the rice is cooked, and al dente it is ready to eat.
Arrange the mussels in the shells on top then place into a warm oven for 20 -30 minutes to rest and allow to settle.
Sprinkle with parsley and serve with a crusty bread and Anchorage Rose or Pinot Noir.

Chefs tip:- I will sometimes use squid and place diagonal cuts through it for effect. Add at the same time as the cockles and mussel meat. Another good option is Monk fish, hapuka or any thick fleshed fish fillets, tua tua may also be added as would pipi instead of cockles.

For more recipes check out Derek the chef On Line @

2011 China Food Exposition 30th - 4th Dec

2011 China Food Exposition 30th - 4th Dec Anchorage wines was represented at the 2011 China Food Exposition held at the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Centre from 30th Nov to 4th Dec.

With an area of 720,000 square meters and 3,600 international standard booths, the expo has 8 pavilions. Enterprises from all over the country will take part in the expo. Besides, many transnational retail groups such as Metro, Auchan and Carrefour will come and purchase.

Internationalization will become one of the highlights in this year’s expo as the number of overseas enterprises is expected to be 30% more than last year’s.

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